Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Thank you Colin Amato for reading the poetry of Rumi and Friends tonight. Thanks to Terry Low for his mp3 song, When the Summers Gone off his CD Hand-Me-Downs. And last but not least, Chenyelu Bomani for his wonderful works, Brown Eyes and 12 Highs.

I am working on new equipment or rather the pursuit of new equipment. I'm researching what would work best for this show and some additional projects. My computer is keeping on but barely. Hopefully I'll have the new tech toys to produce a better sounding show soon.

Please send me any mp3's of stories you want to tell, poetry you've created, short stories, music, we love music. If you want to be a live guest on the show, let me know what you have in mind for that episode and we'll schedule a segment.

I'm thinking of randomly asking people on the street or farmer's markets to tell a story into my phone recorder and then sharing those on a show. Or I could add a daytime show (I don't want to roam around at night, hard to see what you're doing in the dark) and I could have live stories from the streets or markets or wherever I happen to be, like the Crafter's Retreat in Vallejo...that's turning into one of my favorite hangouts. I'd like to do a show live from the Crafter's Retreat....

I'm musing over some ideas... please send me some of your ideas for the show's format if something comes to mind. Thank you.

Until next time... Peace be with you.

Faye Bull, host of Blogtalkradio's Story Statiion.